Chart of the Week

JAN 2024: VOLUME 2

Open Source Software Charts: OSS risk is determined more by the quality of its dependencies than by the quality of its developers!

OSS hides 2/3rd of its inherent risks and your existing tools cannot detect them.

  • Only 10% of components are directly visible to your developers & CI/CD tools, and 90% are transitive dependencies that App-sec tools miss.
  • More than 2/3rd components in OSS are sourced from OTHER OSS projects. For example, in all Apache software Foundation projects most components shipped are NOT built by Apache Software Foundation affiliated open-source developers.

Lineaje discovers comprehensive Supply Chain risk inapplications you build, buy, source or use.


These findings underscore the critical need for a robust software supply chain security strategy. Embrace Lineaje to unveil the hidden, fortify against vulnerabilities, and navigate the complexities of your software composition. It's time to secure your software with confidence!