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Sell Better, Compliant Software ​

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To exchange SBOMs, you need an SBOM Exchange!

SBOM360 Hub is the industry’s first SBOM Exchange – enabling users to centrally manage, create, publish, and share Compliant SBOMs and related documents privately and securely with customers automatically. ​

SBOM360 Hub auto-generates and preserves your evidence repo for your SAL and Lineaje AI simplifies creation and management of a centralized VEX/CSAF repo linked to each SBOM.  

Continuous Compliance, Continuous Assessment, Continuous Improvement​

Is your SBOM compliant?
All SBOMs for every version are checked for NTIA compliance automatically.

Is your SBOM risky?​
Auto-Assess your compliant (or non-compliant) SBOMs to know what risks your customers can derive by analyzing your SBOMs. Know before you are embarrassed by customers. Track improvements by version to delight customers. ​​

Sell software without friction​

Your distribution chain is multi-tier. So is the Hub. Manage all your stakeholders, customers, distributors, and resellers in one  place- Publish once, share securely and privately with whoever you want.

​​​​Create new SKUs, Update, deliver new versions while staying compliant.​

Manage the business and the process -  differentiate yourself .

Lineaje AI with BOMbots optimizes software maintenance​

BOMbots leverage Lineaje AI to create “intelligent plans” in minutes that take experienced architects' days. These plans enable organizations to make better decisions – resulting in software that is more secure and delivered more efficiently. With these recommendations, software developers can reduce effort spent on software maintenance by up to 40% and cut software upgrade costs by the same amount.​​

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Throughout history, from ancient Greek armies to modern warfare, investing in a secure supply chain has been a critical factor in military operations. The same is true for nearly every industry, as securing the supply chain is essential for operational success.

Today’s software supply chain almost entirely consists of open-source software. Download this report to understand the risks' that open-source software drags in.

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