Lineaje AI with BOMbots

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What are Lineaje BOMbots?

Lineaje AI with BOMbots analyzes deep software bill of materials (SBOMs) to deliver optimized recommendations and remediations across the entire supply chain.

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Search BOMbot

Simplify Complex SBOM Search with Natural Language.

Leverages the power of Generative AI to search your SBOM in seconds. Get answers to your complex queries in seconds. Your Supply Chain ChatGpt at your fingertips!

Compatibility BOMbot

Execute Faster with Compatible, Optimized Upgrades.

Assess applications quickly to generate a compatibility matrix that optimizes, and categorizes fixes based on effort and security level.

Maintainability BOMbot

Help Software Age Securely.

Identify unmaintained dependencies with lingering vulnerabilities and risks for extended periods & track these projects for inner sourcing.

Vulnerability BOMbot

Prioritize Vulnerabilities Comprehensively in minutes.

Considers severity, exploitability, fixes, compatibility, and dependency location, cutting software maintenance costs by 20%-40%.

Simplify Complex SBOM Search
with Natural Language
Execute Faster with Compatible, Optimized Upgrades
Help Software Age Securely
Prioritize Vulnerabilities Comprehensively in minutes


Integrations and Language Support

Lineaje is continuously adding support for your favorite languages and integrations to connect with tools, pipelines, and workflows.