Lineaje Third Party Risk Manager

Mitigate risks in software you buy​

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Do you know your riskiest third-party software vendors?​

Lineaje Third Party Risk  Management (TPRM)  provides a comprehensive solution to illuminate and eliminate risks in the software you buy. TPRM assesses security risks in every software you buy – automatically detecting your security policy violations. It provides comprehensive vendor management capabilities so your vendors can mitigate risks for you! TPRM provides enterprise-strength third-party software risk governance for complex organisations.​

Continuous Compliance with Executive Order 14028 and more  ​

Audit for Executive Order 14028 compliance and your own software policies at every change - selection, upgrades, and EOL. Involve all functions – procurement, legal, compliance, security etc.​

Search all vendors SBOMs in seconds based on any attribute – new vulnerabilities, components, IOCs, authors, provenance, maintainability & more. Drive mitigation with vendors with a single click.​​

Know the risks in vendors open-source dependencies​

Lineaje TPRM auto-discovers transitive open-source dependencies and their risks creating a comprehensive security profile for each vendor’s applications you deploy.​​

More than 95% of vulnerabilities and most risks in modern software come from the dependencies your vendors drag in. Lineaje TPRM generates a comprehensive risk profile for each vendor’s application.​

Communicate and improve the “Security Profile” of all your Applications with every release​

Know your riskiest applications at a glance. Our amazing Security Profiler automatically shows you your riskiest applications and “tamperable” components!​

Auto-detect vendors that violate your security policies and push “assessment findings” back to them to fix with a click. Let your vendors improve your security profile.​

Lineaje AI with BOMbots optimizes software maintenance​

BOMbots leverage Lineaje AI to create “intelligent plans” in minutes that take experienced architects' days. These plans enable organizations to make better decisions – resulting in software that is more secure and delivered more efficiently. With these recommendations, software developers can reduce effort spent on software maintenance by up to 40% and cut software upgrade costs by the same amount.​​

Research Report

Lineaje AI Labs

Throughout history, from ancient Greek armies to modern warfare, investing in a secure supply chain has been a critical factor in military operations. The same is true for nearly every industry, as securing the supply chain is essential for operational success.

Today’s software supply chain almost entirely consists of open-source software. Download this report to understand the risks' that open-source software drags in.

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